Exhibited at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall Gallery (2018)

Exhibited at Scopitone (2019)


 This work is an installation that focuses on bringing out “a potential image in the field of vision” and captures daily necessities as a projection device for that purpose.
 While driving on the highway at night, the light source of the headlights of the car was reflected by a warped transparent sound barrier installed at the side of the road, and it seemed that the light spot was drawing a circle at high speed . Reflections of sunlight during the daytime tend to be perceived as a group unknowingly because there are too many things to be reflected, but at night, the images from the reflected light sources emphasize individual movements and make them conscious. The video with motion that has been cut out as an individual will be viewed differently from the image you usually see.
 In this way, we are conscious to some extent the object itself in the field of view, but unconscious to the image of the object through reflection (such as the image of the scene reflected in a glass bottle or cup) .
 In this work, various commodities as projectors arranged in a space are illuminated by the laser light source moving in the lateral direction and depth direction installed on the ceiling, and the light reflected by their own moldings It becomes an image of and is projected on the wall. By looking at the image created by the sculpture, the viewer explores the relationship between the sculpture and the image, and the countless ghosts of the image hidden behind the sculpture.



December 15th, 2018.


Scott Allen
Chiaki Sakamoto (Technical Support)
Fumitaka Sato (Technical Support)


Digital Choc Award 2019, Grand Prize