What do we imagine when we hear the word “video”? A lot of people would imagine scenes in various devices such as movies, monitors, smart phones, and projectors. But these are images composed of pixels with frame rates. Recognition of the concept of “video” is fixed. As a VJ / visual artist, in the process of researching what making a video is, I performed as a VJ with my own footage that reacts to sound. Also, I distributed many HD VJ loops for free over the Internet for other VJs to save time when they make their own footage. But my activities were just the operation of pixels with a “video projector” medium. In the context of this situation, video is reconsidered through the process of making the Master’s work “spring” which displays various methods of video projection such as pixels, vector scanning, and optical phenomena, and is also suggested to viewers as an installation.
 In the work “spring”, with the spot of a single laser light source moving over a span of time, the image is affected by the modules with various display mechanisms and is projected on the wall. Thus this work gives the opportunity to reconstruct the view of relationships between videos and many other things.



December 10th, 2015


Scott Allen


第20回岡本太郎現代芸術賞 入選