Photo”n”s of Pareidolia


 There is a phenomenon called pareidolia, in which when we see something, our mind conjures up patterns that we are usually familiar with, even though they do not originally exist. In Japan, this phenomenon has been known since ancient times as “mi-seki” and has permeated various cultures, such as the tea ceremony and Japanese gardens, and people’s imaginations have been further expanded through the process of mi-seki.
 In this work, the object detection model is used to find “things that do not look like people” from the reflection patterns of light shone on everyday items, and presented as a page with text. How does the machine’s gaze change the human imagination? This work originates from the project “Altergraph” with Ryosuke Nakajima, who takes photographs by misusing object detection.



March 30th, 2023.



Scott Allen