Interim report edition3

Ai.step performed at Interim report edition3.
We updated many parts of our sound & visuals.

Sound (Kakuya)

Kakuya developed self-made text editor based on electron.
It’s great progress compared to the atom based ready-made applications in previous versions.
Sound changed into the accessible one like techno, pop.

Visual (Scott)

I added 4 graphs related to text adding/deleting/modifying activity of AI to figure out what is happening in our live.

  • adding/deleting/modifying in one graph during live(x: time during live, y: adding/deleting/modifying count every 10 seconds).
  • adding graph (x: time in recent 20 seconds, y: adding count every 10 seconds)
  • deleting graph (x: time in recent 20 seconds, y: deleting count every 10 seconds)
  • modifying graph (x: time in recent 20 seconds, y: modifying count every 10 seconds)

Digest video

Here is the digest video.
I appreciate that Kyosuke Yamamoto and all the staff supported us.

Shooting :

Editing :

Music :
Lovesome – Pee.J Anderson

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